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Air Conditioning Maintenance Dorset

       Maintenance & Servicing


It is easy to under estimate the importance of caring for your system after installation.

A low cost regular care plan ensures your system continues to function at its best and prolongs the lifespan of the equipment, often by many years.


Maintaining your system is the best preventative care, reducing the time, cost and inconvenience that can be incurred when having to call out an engineer following a fault. Often minor faults are detected early when a maintenance check is carried out and this decreases the chance of a major breakdown.


Maintenance is imperative if the systems are fitted in a commercial property as Air Management legislation states you must be compliant within the workspace for the health and safety of your workers.


A system that is not maintained creates poor airflow and often a stale odour caused by dust and foreign bodies. Non-sanitised filters harbour bacteria. Your care plan visits will keep your system energy efficient therefore saving you money in the long term.


Meridian Air Conditioning prides itself on our tailor made care plan packages to suit all needs, budget and time restraints.

Meridian Air Conditioning Maintenance
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